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Effective Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

About The Cabin's young men's programme, The Edge

Addiction is a common problem amongst young men who are going through a transformative and challenging time in life.This is why treatment that understands the unique needs and minds of young men is so essential.

The Edge at The Cabin Chiang Mai is an addiction treatment programme designed exclusively for young men.

Based in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand at The Cabin’s stunning residential facility, The Edge offers a world-leading clinical service for young men in a luxury setting.

Safe and Confidential

Secure in beautiful Northern Thailand away from triggers

Full Support

Throughout the treatment process and beyond

5-Star Accommodation

Premium environment for recovery

Integrated Family Involvement

To support your loved one through addiction recovery

Confidential and Effective

A culture of understanding, respect and support

Private Onsite Hospital

To ensure safety and provide care 24/7

Our Unique Approach

Programme focusing on helping young men to develop direction and life skills, drawing out their potential.
Strong focus on physical fitness, triathlon training and nutrition to enhance both body and mind.
Peaceful and serene environment to reduce distractions and remove temptations.
Engaging and action-packed programming with local excursions and cultural activities.


The Edge at The Cabin is a residential treatment programme that combines Western clinical counselling and Eastern holistic therapies to work across both mind and body. This fosters self-discovery and a connection with purpose and discipline.

One to one and group counselling sessions using evidence based techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing are complemented by holistic services such as yoga and meditation. Physical fitness also plays a key role in treatment and excursions and personal training support this.

The inclusion of families and loved ones and our Continuing Care programme helps to ensure a robust foundation for life-long recovery.The segmented nature of our programme also means that the bonds which are built and nurtured between peers at The Cabin often last long after leaving.


Thank you for helping me get to where I am today. When I came in I was at the lowest point in my life – no real direction other than a jail cell or 6ft under. I now have a more positive outlook and value my life and myself.

Our Team

Our team of Western trained and licensed addiction counsellors and full-time medical staff specialising in young men’s addiction treatment work together to provide evidence-based treatment in a safe environment.

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